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IPM has developed a comprehensive range of security, Fire, & access control systems with a full managed service packages. IPM design bespoke packages to suit any site regardless of its detestation, climate or surroundings. With Temporary CCTV Detection systems, Wireless Detection Systems which are fully battery operated over GSM signalling through to a cloud based access control module Biometric Turnstile units to record all approved persons entering site.
All systems are connected to IPM’s Monitoring station which is manned 24/7 for monitoring the sites security while our technical support is on hand to assist any authorised persons who require assistance with any of IPM’s systems.

Please click on tabs below for a more in depth detail on each service sector.

Temporary CCTV

IPM design bespoke Temporary CCTV Systems to protect our clients sites and assets. We use the latest home office approved Analytical Detection System witch track human and vehicle movement. We install cameras on cabins, towers, or existing building to achieve the required angles to fully protect each and every site.

All of our systems are designed, installed, maintained and monitored directly by IPM. We will assign a response unit to each site in the event of an intruder IPM will dispatch our team to site to investigate.


Mobile CCTV security solutions

The standalone temporary CCTV unit incorporates all hardware you’d come to expect from an IPM Group CCTV solution, including high resolution cameras, motion detectors, Analytical Technology IR illuminators, digital recording and public-address systems. We incorporate our remote CCTV monitoring service to ensure that any inappropriate activity on site is recorded and challenged with an audible warning, thereby providing a fully integrated system.

IPM design and install permanent or temporary security systems to protect any site regardless of the specifics. From utilising CCTV analytical or PIR Detection technology, Mobile CCTV Towers or Wireless Security systems should the site not have power or any internet connection? Benefits are no or minimum initial install cost with and affordable weekly rental packages.
IPM deploy our rental systems predominantly on construction sites as these sites require temporary site security. These systems reduce a site security expenditure by around 70% in comparison to a manned guarding solution.
The benefits of our systems we do not necessarily need power or an internet connection. The system can protect the entirety of the site at any one time. Our systems are monitored at IPM’s State of the Art Monitoring Station by our highly trained operatives ready to respond to any potential threat.


Wireless Interceptor motion detector intruder detection

This product and service is ideal for businesses who cannot afford heavy installation costs of an onsite CCTV system, but would like the peace of mind of their business being monitored 24/7. These alarm units with in-built cameras can be installed almost anywhere without the need of power or the internet. The product is ideal for construction sites, warehouses, derelict buildings and much, much more.

The alarm signal from the active infrared Intruder-Detection System will be immediately transmitted to our monitoring station. The monitoring station will receive a 10 second video clip from the activated camera, and our trained operatives will view the pictures transmitted, evaluate the cause of activation and, if necessary, will contact local police and a designated key holder. The 10 second digital recording of the activity as seen by the wireless Alarm-Cam will be available by request, for subsequent evaluation by the client and the police, if appropriate.

The wireless interceptor is a cost-effective way of protecting businesses, and is rapidly growing in popularity. We have introduced a rental-only option for this service, which removes installation fees.

So, if you run a farm, construction site or recycling facility, even without a power source, or simply want an effective security solution without the big expense, this product is ideal for you. Call us today and we will be delighted to help.


IPM’s time and attendance solution covers every aspect of workplace management and is flexible to suit your organisation – you can implement just one or a combination of our modules. In addition to time and attendance tracking, the modules include reporting, health and safety compliance, cloud-based document storage, automated email alerts, carbon capture and training and qualifications. Please use the tabs below to see how you can benefit through our integrated modules.

IPM Group FireCell UK is a totally wireless based solution which now incorporates HYBRID technology providing unlimited configuration to meet today’s demanding building requirements around fire safety.
Incorporating Smart Cluster Technology or SCT and utilising the 868 MHz European harmonised frequency band, IPM Group UK FireCell was the first wireless fire system to meet EN54-25 and boasts a wireless coverage which exceeds other 868 MHz based systems.
Development of IPM Group UK FireCell by engineers, designers and installers has ensured that IPM Group UK FireCell is big on features and benefits. Highly Adaptable: IPM Group UK FireCell is suitable for virtually any building and in many cases exceeds the performance and flexibility of a wired system.


The Bluetooth Padlock provided and supported by IPM is great for securing your business. The device not only secures your premise but enables flexibility yo allow guest and authorized persons onto your premise. One key aspect is that IPM’s control room would be able to provide the override combination to authorities such as the Police should they need access to pursue a potential intruder should a key holder not be present.

Key Features
Works with iOS & Android
Metal Construction
Tamper Alert
Ball Bearing Locking Mechanism
Battery Jump Function
Low Battery Indicator
Low Battery Notifications
Monitor Access & Receive Tamper Alerts