Protect your Worksite with Temporary Measures

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Protect your Worksite with Temporary Measures

Temporary CCTVMaking sure that your customers, your business and your assets are protected at all times from intrusion or unwanted interest is essential – but sometimes, you may not require round-the-clock security or perimeter care.  There may be some occasions or circumstances where you only need temporary security support or personnel, and to that end, you shouldn’t ever feel that you have to hire permanent security for a contract period.  If you are hosting an event, setting up at a remote location or have hire of a certain public premises for a temporary period, IPM Group can always be on hand to help provide you with ad hoc security without long-term installation.

Temporary measures or remote setups

Temporary CCTV is just one solution which we actively offer to temporary or remote setups – and whether you run a permanent or semi-permanent security setup with us, all of our systems will connect directly to our monitoring station.  This means that, even if you only need security for a few weeks at a time, you can rely on us to keep a close eye on things 24/7.  We’re able to support you with wireless motion detection, biometric turnstiles, fire alarms and keyless entry systems – all of which come without the need for installation.

Temporary needs are not going to require full installations or hardware – it will be more cost-effective for you to have a temporary or wireless service set up so that you can still benefit from the same level and quality of care – only without the hassle of it costing you more money, and without you having to make sure that everything is set up to your specifications.  We’ll make sure to set you up on a temporary basis without the need for extensive wiring, cabling or clunky hardware – our permanent systems, too, are remarkably simple to maintain and come with none of the tangling of wires nor difficulty in operation.

Customised for you

We understand that every security need is going to be slightly different.  If you are working on a temporary site or if you have control of a premises for only a few weeks or months, it goes without saying that you are only going to want or need security to cover you on that basis and for that amount of time.  Therefore, IPM Group will always be happy to provide you with tailored security essentials and dedicated monitoring and support to ensure that you always go protected – no matter how long you may be on-site for.

At IPM Group Limited we’re proud to have helped to support a number of important brands and services in our region and beyond – do take a look at our testimonials to learn more.  Get in touch with our team of specialists today to learn more about what we can bring to your site or premises – call us on 0114 218 0679 no matter your needs nor requirements.  You can also email us via web form if you’d prefer to get in touch with writing – and we will get back in touch with you!

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