Keep your Team Safe with a Commercial Fire Alarm

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Keep your Team Safe with a Commercial Fire Alarm

Fire safety has never been a bigger concern.  Whether at work or at home, preparing yourself and the people around you in the event of a breakout of fire is incredibly important – fire can not only cause untold damage to properties, buildings and everything they contain, but it can also devastate lives – and cause an immense deal of psychological and physical pain for years to come.  Therefore, it’s important to never be too careful – a commercial fire alarm will not only allow you to safely detect and act upon any threat of fire in your premises, but it will also fit in seamlessly with any existing fire safety plan or protocol you may already have in place.  Here at IPM Group Ltd, we’re here to help fit cutting edge fire detection and prevention technology to ensure that you, your business and your colleagues are always on the ball and ready to react to any fire-related emergencies that may arise.  Complacency when it comes to fire safety is not an option – and this is just as important at work as it is at home.


Effective Commercial Fire Alarms

More than just a simple alarm or smoke detection system – IPM Group Ltd fit commercial fire alarm systems to allow you to take notice of any potential fire hazard as early as possible.  Our early warning detection systems pick up on there being any chance of a breakout of fire quicker than human senses can – meaning that with the latest in fire prevention equipment and installations, we can effectively make your workplace fireproof before anything hazard has a chance to occur.  We work with equipment and systems which are fully verified and safe to use – and what’s more, we endeavour to use systems which go above and beyond the minimum requirements – meaning that you and your team can always rely upon early detection so that you can make a plan of action to evacuate wherever necessary.  As part of our services, we will always be happy to run a full and thorough risk assessment and fire audit of your premises – so that we can effectively plan for and install the right system and early detection network to protect you and your team throughout the working week.

Take No Risks

You’re going to already need a safe and sound fire evacuation and safety plan in place if you run any kind of business where you’re overseeing several people – it’s basic health and safety practice.  With a solid, cutting edge commercial fire alarm, you can tune up your existing fire safety policy and react quicker than ever before to the first signs of danger – it’s just one of many internal commercial security services which IPM Group Ltd specialise in to help keep you and your workforce as safe as possible at all times.  If you are interested in protecting against fire in your workplace and would like to know more about what we can do for you, call or email IPM Group Ltd today – dial 0114 2180 679 and we will set up a plan of action with you in mind.

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