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Hire The Right Security For You

Whether you are looking for CCTV security, enhanced controls over security to a commercial standard or are in search of crowd control support, it’s important to know the various options and services that can be available for you to take advantage of. After all, one resource or system may not work well in one instance but could offer you complete control and peace of mind in another. Here at IPM Group, we are specialised in supporting a huge range of security needs on a commercial basis – ensuring that you can rest assured that both your business and the people you cater to are cared for and protected around the clock.

Hiring a Security Guard

In many cases, you may benefit from a security guard or manned perimeter – meaning that there is always someone keeping a close watch over your premises and to ensure that only those with specific clearance and authority can attend your building and can swipe in and out. What’s more, these guards can be an amazing criminal deterrent – trained to monitor CCTV and to handle any suspect behaviour at any given time, security professionals (such as those we have provided for firms such as Mettalis Recycling) act as your watchful eye so that you don’t have to. Professionalism and attention to detail always comes as standard. Concierge services, too, can help you to keep a watchful eye on your premises while ensuring that any visitors to your building or business are treated with welcoming courtesy.

Mobile Patrol Units

Mobile patrol units will help to survey and monitor your grounds and area to ensure that you are completely protected from the threat of criminal activity. These patrols can attend on a regular basis or completely randomly based on your needs – meaning that would-be intruders are always kept away. What’s more, these teams will also ensure that your premises are thoroughly inspected and analysed to ensure that your business and buildings are completely safeguarded. Key holding, too, could be a service that also interests you – as this will mean that all your important keys and access fobs are kept under safe guard by manned patrols at all times, and they can attend your premises at short notice whenever you need them, 365 days a year.

Crowd Control

For big events where public safety is just as important as keeping your business protected, we can also supply crowd control – ensuring that a team of professionals can act as perimeter against any misdemeanours or threats to safety or security. We’ve helped to supply security of this calibre to firms such as the Natural History Museum, and our staff are all fully qualified to be able to offer such support on a regular basis. We can also supply door staff or bouncers to support your internal event, meaning that you can either install them completely autonomously to ensure the right people get in and out (and that there is no risk of trouble occurring) – or to communicate directly with centralised security professionals in-house.

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Your security and safety should be optimal for your business should you wish to protect the people you are serving, and your own assets and interests – call IPM Group UK Limited today on 0114 2180 679 if you have specific security needs or if you would like to know more about how you and your firm can benefit from commercial security that offers total peace of mind.

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