Do you Have the Right Infrastructure for your Computer Systems?

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Do you Have the Right Infrastructure for your Computer Systems?

 When it comes to protecting the data of your customers, your employees and your finances, you are going to need to do right by your company in ensuring that you have efficient and functional services up and running all hours of the day.  In this day and age, it is not merely enough to have a solid firewall and antivirus protection on board and running background checks – you are going to need to have a solid and secure infrastructure in place to make sure that all of your processes and security measures can continue to tick over from minute to minute and from hour to hour.  Some offices never sleep – and if you don’t have a reliable infrastructure or hardware map in place, you could well be risking the performance of your systems and the safety of the data which is in play.

Here at IPM Group, we specialise in and recommend a number of infrastructure cabling solutions to ensure that your data and your systems are firing on all cylinders in a world which never sleeps.  We are proud to supply options on Category 5 Ethernet, Category 6 Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Optics – but what are the main differences between the three choices – and what difference will they make to the overall performance of your IT strategy?

What Options are Available?

CAT5 Ethernet

Ethernet cable

Category 5 Ethernet is largely seen as the industry standard, and is commonly used in local network connectivity – for offices whereby localised machines need to be connected to one another external to the internet.  This type of cabling is seen as an affordable option and is very widely used – and what’s more, it’s remarkable flexible and versatile.  Even years on, it remains the reliable standard – though Ethernet connectivity has evolved in time gone by.

CAT6 Gigabit Ethernet

Category 6 Gigabit Ethernet is particularly useful, however, in this day and age – it’s considered the step up from Cat 5 in that is allows for greater data transfer speeds, and even doubles the amount of bandwidth which can be carried.  This means that gigabit speed data transfer is completely possible – more so, recommended – with this type of cabling.  Expect up to 10,000 MB/swith this type of infrastructure in place – a popular choice.


fibre optic cable

Fibre Optics, however, are seen as the big draw.  Many people now benefit from fibre broadband in their own homes, and this type of connectivity holds far greater bandwidth capability than its Ethernet predecessors.  It’s also seen as a more reliable, perhaps more secure solution – there’s less risk of data loss through Fibre Optics, pound for pound.

Setting up your IT infrastructure can be a tricky at the best of times, but IPM Group Ltd are here to help.  For speedy, secure communication between local devices and the outside world, let us redesign and upgrade your current cabling to bring you up to speed – quite literally.  Call us today on 0114 218 0679 or email us directly if you have any specific needs you would like us to support you with.

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